Charlie Barnett

 The youngest  son of Jesse, only shepherd boy was he,
but seeking after Gods own heart, it was plain to see.
David ran  an errand for his father, one hot Summer day,
he learned the plight of Israel, It was in much dismay.

Talking with his brothers, Saul’s army the lads fought,
David surprise  the three, of the plan he had wrought.
His brothers began to laughed, they mocked him to scorn,
But God had plans for David, he heard his people mourn.

David rushed to Saul’s camp, with the plan to employ,
King Saul shook his head, “why! you’re only a boy.”
 My dear King won’t you listen, to what I have to say,
the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will fight here today.

Your  servant slew a lion, and a bear once up on a time,
now this uncircumcised Philistine, will be the next in line.
The King gave me his sword, with his shiny helmet of brass,
I girded on his armour, with a coat of mail they came last.

I’m weighted with this armour, and Saul’s heavy sword, 
This can’t be the way God wants it, It’s sure not of the Lord.
A shepherd’s bag I took along, with my  staff in my hand,
I began to march forward, I was taking back our land.

I knelt down at the brook, five smooth stones I took,
as I stood in the valley , up the hill I began to look.
 The stories I’ve  heard, they were all coming true,
the giant cast a shadow,  like a cloud in the blue

With Gods weapons I squeeze, I sure felt at ease.
I no longer felt small, but I stood  big as trees.
Soon Goliath came down, stood looking all around,
I quickly planted  my feet well, and stood my ground

“Am I a dog” I heard him yell !  Then he began to curse.
It’s my God you’ve cursed, and I know of nothing worse.
You’ve coming at me with your  spear and a sword.
 I come to you with my sling, in the name of my Lord.

 Little David threw the tiny stone, as if to hit a  wall,
it struck the giant in the temple, and he began to fall.
David took Goliath’s  sword, and cut off his ugly head,
God went to bat for Israel, now the giant lays dead.
1  Samuel  17:29-50 
© 4/4/03

Charlie Barnett

The word was so clear, as it came to the ear, to Jonah one passing day.
 Go to Nineveh and preach, that we may reach, God is the only way.
But Jonah only knowing, he wasn’t going, wanted to butt with his own head.
So he fled  to Joppa, with out even stopping, to that seaport city instead.

So Jonah paid his fair, while he was there, and down in the ship he went.
But the Lord that night, my what a fright, oh what a wind he sent.
The mariners  were  afraid,  they all prayed,  my what a frightful cry.
.Then the wind was mighty, the ship so tiny, were they all going to die.

The ship was lighten, security tighten, yet it still  looked like the end.
Now Jonah was found sleeping,  while  all the crew was weeping.
Then the wind grew much worse, could it be some kind of a curse.
The shipmaster cast lots,  the crewmen  watched, Jonah was the first.

Then Jonah gave in, said it was sin, he was running from the Lord.
Instead of all dying, the sailors were trying, but they were in one accord.
With Jonah to blame, and certainly no game, over the side he went.
With God all knowing, and his love still showing, A big fish he sent.

The whale swallowed him down, not even a sound, Jonah began to pray.
Three nights he prayed, three days he cried, how much longer could he stay.
In the third day’s session, Jonah learned his lesson, God spoke to the fish.
The whale was turned round, started back to town, Jonah got his wish.
The book of Jonah
© 2/7/03

Penned By
Charlie Barnett

 Job was a man who feared the Lord,
he was perfect and hated sin.
Job grew to manhood in the land of Uz,
this is where the life of Job began.

Now Job was a man God had favored,
his fame was known by all. 
Job had three lovely daughters,
 and seven sons that stood so tall,
Job had acquired great wealth, 
the riches man in the east.
Seems his daughters got together,
for his son’s planned a feast.

The feast would last for days,
his children would eat and drank.
Job would pray for his family, 
wondering what the Lord would think.

One day the angels came to God,
and the Devil tagged along.
“Where have you been?” God said.
“I’ve went down to earth to roam.”

“Did you notice my servant Job,
as you were going too and fro?
There is no one on earth like him, 
oh how Job loves me so.”

“Only because the hedge you’ve built,
that keeps him in your grace.
 tear the wall down around him,
And Job will curse you to your face.”

“You don’t know my servant Job,
 he would never turn from me.”
 “Take away all riches” said Satan,
I am afraid you’ll see.”

“You can have your way now Lucifer,
but in no way touch my man.
You will see you can’t tempt him, 
I know his faith will stand.”

The Devil began to do his work, 
to steal, kill and destroy.
He took everything Job owned, 
but Job never lost his Godly joy.

“Let me touch his body” asked Satin,
Job’s like any other man.
When he feels the pain I give,
his love for you want stand.”

The Lord took the challenge,
you can do what you will.
the only thing you can’t do.
Job’s body you can not kill.

Sores and boils came on Job,
 his wife couldn’t stand.
“Curse God and die” she mocked,
we’ll burry you in this land.

Job’s friends came by to see him,
and to cast a doubt and shame.
 Seven days they set and watched him,
 you Know you are the blame.

Your children and wealth were taken, 
 because of your wicked sin.
We beg of you now Job, 
 ask God to forgive you again. 

His friends left Job to suffer
As he scraped his boils with glass.
Job never gave up on God,
no matter how long the pain would last.

I came into this world with nothing,
and nothing I’ll carry when I leave.
All I ever owned you gave,
it’s yours to give or seize.

The lord seen that Job was true,
this made the Devil mad.
God healed Jobs body that day,
giving him twice more than he ever had.
The book of Job
© 4/30/03

Charlie Barnett

Jacob journeyed from Beersheba,
 it had been a long, long day. 
He was going to Haran,
but night caught him on the way.

As the sun sank low, 
he looked for a place to bed, 
Jacob took of some stones.
for a place to lay his head.

He had a dream that night,
Jacob never knew the reason why.
He dreamed of a long ladder.
It reach from earth  up to the sky.

The angels were going up and down, 
the Lord stood at the very top.
Jacob began to hear a mighty voice,
he thought the message would never stop.

“Behold the land thy lay upon,
to your decedent I will  give.
Thy seed will be as the dust upon the earth,
I’ll bless you the longest day you live.”

Jacob rose up early in the morning,
and set the stone upon the end.
He pour olive oil upon the stone,
 house of God he said,“ God is my friend.”
 Genesis 28:11-14
© 5/19/03

Charlie Barnett

Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, never any good,
 besieged Jerusalem, just because he could.
Daniel was taken captive along with many more,
and he would never bow no matter what they had in store.
“You will eat the king’s meat and you’ll not pray,”
but Daniel could care less, what the king had to say.
He was brought before the king as time lingered on,
you’ve become our slave now, you must go alone.
The word reached the king, “It’s same as before,
Daniel never stops praying, he prays three times more.”The king sent word to Daniel, and the message was pretty plain, 
“Renounce your God Jehovah, or you’ll suffer pain.”
“No, I’ll never renounce my God,” they heard Daniel say,
 the men were furious, “Daniel can never have his way.”
The king summons Daniel, his patience very thin,
the king kept his promise. “Throw him in the lions den.”
They covered the den with a stone, sealed by order of the king,
“Now pray to your God, Daniel, see if he’ll do anything.”
The king went to his palace, a sleepless night he’ll get,
and hurried to the den at daybreak, and there Daniel sat.
“Make hast,” the king shouted, “bring him to the top,
go and get his false accusers before you even stop.
Throw them to the lions, see what there gods will do.
“They heard Their bones cracking, as the lions began to chew.
Daniel 6:1-28
© 4/23/03 

Penned By
Charlie Barnett

God saw the world was wicked 
The imagination of man was great.
The creation had became very evil 
It was in a sinful state.
“It repented me,” said the Lord 
“I made the earth and man.
I’ll destroy all I’ve made 
including all the land,”
But Noah found grace 
In the eyes of the Lord
Noah was a just man 
Perfect in one accord.
“Make an ark,” God said, 
Pitch it within and without
Make it out of gopher wood 
It will be very stout.
Fashion the ark as I tell you 
Leave a window at the top
I’ll send flood waters down
You’ll think they’ll never stop.
Bring in all the animals 
After their kind, two by two
Then bring in your family
I’ll close the door after you.
It’ll rain for forty days and nights
Every creature left behind shall die
Then water will recede 
I’ll place my bow in the sky.    
And this will be my covenant
My promise made with man,
I’ll never destroy with water again
As long as this earth shall stand.
© 4/24/03

Penned by
Charlie Barnett

It was back in time as I have read, 
Two brothers arguing, now one is dead.
It was a sad story as I continued on,
Jealous and anger broke up this home.
The first two children recorded in time,
One has no life, the other life of crime.
What can we say or what can we do
 Second sin handed down to me and you.
First sin happened in the garden, Eve we know,
Then Adam partook and he fell low.
So watch out now when we fight and fuss,
Our little Cain’s and Able’s are watching us.
Genesis 4:1-16
© 6/23/03

Visit Mississippi it has lots of wonderful sights. I'm at the Jimmy Rodgers Museum in Meridian Mississippi. The wonderful lady overseeing the Memorial Museum let me hold the famous guitar of The Singing Brakeman the one and only Jimmy Rodgers.   

On the left is my wife Janice standing in the court house yard where the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" was shot.

On the right is the Lobby of the Court House.

Below is the court room where the trial was held in the movie. This is the same gavel that the judge used in the movie "To kill a Mockingbird"

Right below I'm leaning on a rail fence in the Great state of Tennessee.

 A railroad caboose at the Hank Williams home          This is the house where Hank Williams grew up                                Hank Williams Fan Club House

Out trip to Natural Bridge, this is my wife Janice                                               At the intrience of the park                                        Here in the Natural Bridge, whst a si

               I 'm admiring a monument at  Vicksburg National Park     The wife and I standing where a battle was fought           This is the remains of the USS Cairp Gunboat

I've been asked many times: Charlie, where do you get your inspiration for your poems? I don't even have to give it a thought. Inspiration soars and the state of the art living standard is evident plus the romance and its own thinking! Poems are all about expressing yourself and showing emotion. Poetry is a beautiful thing that gives you the ability to put all sorts of memories, feelings and thoughts into one piece of amazing, inspirational and wonderful piece of writing. But poetry isn't really writing; it is more like art. It is full of vibrancy and colour like a piece of art. While standing at a monument at Vicksburg Mississippi, and think or all the blood shed between the north and south, it will bring tears to my eyes and a poem to my spirit.

Penned by
Charlie Barnet
The devil is but one spirit,
but seems to have much help.
All his wants and needs are met,
by promises Christians never kept.
The Bible said we can resist him, 
and he will surly flee.
This may be impossible,
 if we watch filth on TV.
Oh yes he’s a sly one,
remember how he tempted Eve?
Let this be a warning Son,
your trick is up his sleeve.
The hounds of hell are running,
they’re sniffing at your heels.
Remember that vow you took? 
Your marriage is growing wheels.
This is not some poem I wrote,
and I’ve tried to make it rhyme.
Before I met up with Jesus,
I helped the devil all the time.
© 7/23/03

Penned by
Charlie Barnett

I’ve been asked lots of times,
just where does old Satan live.
It’s not around hell somewhere,
that’s the last answer I would give.
The last place to ever find him,
is around hells open pit.
Try the church on the corner,
there’s a few folks he wants to get.
I can almost guarantee neighbor,
Satan has your number written down.
He probably sent it as an E-mail,
with out making a single sound.
Do you think the devil in my house?
I don’t know, I’ll certainly help you look.
Oh here he is in your livingroom,
over there reading the Harry Potter book. 
© 7/23/03

  Penned by

The evening sun for me is sinking low 
My time  is short I’m ready to go
But before I’m gone hear what I say
I’ll see God’s garden on that glorious day
You know how my loved has been for flowers
  Red roses in bloom and evening showers 
Disturbing winter winds that blow 
Killing my roses with heavy snow 
Shortly I’ll visit the great garden on high
Some day soon, in the sweet by and by
They say it’s always perfect weather 
Where there’s no need for my sweater
Now please get your mind off my tomb
I’m where roses always bloom
       So please don’t look for hours 
For some fancy bouquet of flowers
“Just one rose will do”

Charlie Barnett

I’m way past sixty, I get my check you know.
 But at six I remember, to school I would go.
Back and forth to the Doc, now each week I trot,. 
Yet when I was young, it was castor oil I got.
You can like it or not, I miss those days.
Now I’m useless and just plain set in my ways.
Once I couldn’t wait to get up, to run and romp.
 Now I’d give the nickle, if a foot I could stomp.
I would pass my days with a stick and wheel.
Now I’m trying to remember if I made out my will.
It was play all day, I would holler and yell.
Today I watch the news to see if the stock market fell.
As a kid I never worried, but always cheerful and alert. 
But It’s mumbling and grumbling cause my bones all hurt.
Always full of energy I never knew to stop. 
Now I’m always looking, for someplace to plop.
In yesteryear It was bicycles and skates, ice-cream and cake.
Now its walkers and canes, and pills which I should take. 
The hills, the valleys, the forest I would roam. 
The kids are whispering,“It’s time to find him home.”
For birthdays and Christmas, I could hardly wait.
They all  make me older and this now I hate. 
 At heart I’m just the kid I cherish and know.
And these memories I’ll keep til I’m six feet below.
©  1/27/03

Penned by
Charlie Barnett

Jesus entered Jerico and was Just passing through,
 there in the crowd a little man, the townspeople knew.
He was chief among publicans, and rich as he could be,
he wanted to meet Jesus, but short and couldn’t see.

He scrambled to see Jesus, through the crowd was no way,
 he was little of stature, would he miss his chance today?
 Jesus knowing his faith, through the crowd he could see,
at the end of the dusty street was a tall sycamore tree.

Zacchaeus ran pass the crowd, and up the tree to wait,
he was desperately hoping, to see the man that was so great.
When Jesus reached the place, where the big sycamore stood,
Zacchaeus spied the Savior, he was hoping that he could.

Suddenly! Jesus stopped in his tracks and looked up to see,
there was a little tax collector, perched high up a tree. 
“Make haste Zacchaeus,” Jesus said, “You come on down,
I must abide at thy house today,” There was not a sound.

Zacchaeus quickly shimmed down, to his house off they went,
soon the crowd started murmuring and many tails were spent.
Don’t Jesus know he’s a sinner, will he eat with him today?
Jesus was about his fathers work, and had nothing more to say.

Zacchaeus stood before the Savior, in the Bible we are told,
“I’ll pay back every cent I’ve taken, to the poor I have stole.”
Many heard the words Jesus spoke, from his very own mouth, 
“My son, salvation has come this day, to this very house.” 

Luke 19:1-10
© 4/1/2003


Charlie Barnett

Jesus said to the disciples, “lets sail across the lake,”
The wind had ceased, and good time they could make.
In the country of Gadarenes, the anchor was dropped,
 their appeared a wild man, who couldn’t be stopped.
Many times he had been bound with chains and alike,
he ran violently in the grave-yard both day and night.
He slept in the caves with the stench and the bones.
Often cutting his body with sharp shell and stone.
This wild man was stark naked and demon possessed,
and when this man seen Jesus, he cried out with unrest.
He began screaming out to Jesus, and fell at his feet,
“What have I to do with thee,” he begged to retreat.
“Thou Son of the most high God, please torment us not,”
Jesus commanded the spirits to come out right on the spot.
A large heard of hogs was feeding on a hill near by,
“Send us into the swine,” Jesus heard the demons cry.
 Two thousands demons fled and entered the swine,
the hogs rushed into the lake, as if it was the end of time.
The Gerasene cried out to Jesus begging him to leave,
Legion wished to come along, this caused Jesus to grieve.
Go home to your family and tell all of your friends,
what the Lord has done and they can pray for there sins.
They were so excited he was clothed and in his own mind.
Then Jesus sailed from the shore everything was fine.
Mark 5:1-19
© 3/17/03

Charlie Barnett

The greatest story I ever heard, 
I wasn’t around to see.
How Jesus fed five thousand,
on a hill near Galilee.

Jesus had finished his sermon,
the sun was leaning in the sky,
The crowd was tired and hungry,
some food he would buy.

Jesus called out to Phillip, 
“where can we go buy bread?”
The Lord was testing Philip  
to see the light he shed.

“We have no money for food,
there’s no way we can feed.
Send all the people home,
 we can’t meet there need.”

“Pardon Lord,” Andrew said,
“there is a small boy here. 
 He has some fish and bread,
no way we can feed I fear.”

Jesus said, “bring him to me,
this is the start we need.
 Tell the people to set down,”
five thousand He did feed.
John 6:1-10
© 2/6/03

Penned By
Charlie Barnett

Now here’s a story that is often told,
about a couple and some land they sold.
It’s not about the money, place or plot,
it’s not even about the price they got.

It’s about a couple and their scheming way,
they came before Peter that very day.
Ananias came first and it’s what he said, 
he lied to the Holy Ghost and then fell dead.

 They rolled up the body and carried him out,
the Holy Ghost slew him, there’s no doubt.
Several hours later Sapphira walked in, 
not knowing what happened she soon sin.

Is this the price you received from your land?
she nodded her head yes, I understand.
The Holy Ghost that day, settled the score,
Sapphira had lied, she fell to the floor.

A great fear came on the church that day, 
the power of God was here to stay.
We learn from the church that happen then, 
lying is wrong and it’s still a sin.
  Acts 5:1-11
© 5/1/03

Charlie Barnett

The D in Divorce stands for Death, 
Oh it cries out, but death want come.
This is the cry for all the divorced,
 Certainly you’re are not the only one.

A death can be left at a graveyard,
And in time it’s soon forgot.
But divorce follows you around each day,
It’s the agony you’ll never boycott.

It comes by on Saturday morning,
As the kids run out to the car.
You had nearly forgot the pain,
But just one peek makes another scar.

What has happen to that vow you took, 
That day we stood before the Lord. 
You agreed until death do us part,
 You wonder who really broke the cord.

Somehow divorce rises very early,
It stays up late hours at night. 
The thing don’t make much sense now, 
We’ve forgot who was wrong or right.

Oh well it’s been over a year now,
Seems it’s all still the same.
I’m trying to enjoy my breakfast,
When the kids blab out his name.

They sit and talk of the good things,
As a family we once loved to do.
Yes I feel and see their mixed emotions, 
Where do they want to live now, me or you.
I believe If I had it to do all over,
This is exactly what I would do. 
I would crawl a thousand miles to beg, 
 “Please come back to me, I’ll always be true.”
©) 4/28/03 

Penned by
Charlie Barnett

I got up very early one morning,
and began rushing into my day.
I had so much to accomplish, 
yet I never took the time to pray.
The problems began to mount up
and heavier became each task.
“Why doesn’t  God help me?”
“My, child, you never ask.”
I wanted to see joy and victory, 
the days toils grew dim and bleak.
 “God, you never even showed me,”
“Oh,” He replied. “You didn’t seek.”
I tried to come into His presence,
I used all my keys at the lock.
God gently and lovingly spoke,
“My child, you didn’t knock.”
I woke up early this morning,
I paused before entering my day.
I had so much to accomplish,
but I took the time to pray.
© 2/28/2003

Charlie Barnett

What do we mean when we say world peace?
 The war is over in some press release?
Our boys and girls will soon come home.
We’ll shout for joy and sing some victory song.
Did you not have peace before the war began?
Chances are, You still have no peace within.
War never brought peace, we’ve always fought
The peace in Christ this world has never sought. 
God is still called the Prince of Peace. 
This peace  God gives will never cease.
Jesus brought peace down from Heaven above
A free gift from God, it’s a special love.
The world looks for peace, things made by hand
 It’s not in houses and lots and things made by man
Men live men die, they live out there dream
But many have never read, John 3:16.
 © 7/5/03

Penned By 
Charlie Barnett

A certain man had two sons,
In Bible were are told.
The younger came to his Father one day,
who was gray and very old.

Give me the potion of goods falleth to me.
The father obliged that day.
The younger son Journeyed to a far off land,
and he began to stray.

He spent all his substance with riotous living,
with wasteful ways an tears.
A mighty famine arose in that land,
it lasted for many years.

He joined with a citizen of that country,
who sent him into the field.
He took on the job of feeding swine,
to survive he must yield. 

The boy was very hungry almost at his death,
he began to eating the husk. 
This was certainly against the lad training,
but to live he knew he must.

By now the young lad grew oh so homesick,
 as he wallowed in the sty.
He came to himself early that morning,
Father’s servants have more than I.

I’ll arise and go to my father house,
I will tell him I have sinned.
I’ll beg for his forgiveness,
and pray he’ll take me in?

The father had never stop praying,
for his son’s return.
As the son drew near to the fathers house,
the lad has much concern.

“Bring the finest robe,” the father shouted!
Get me a ring for my sons finger. 
Put shoes on the lad’s feet, make hast I say, 
we have no time to linger.

Run and bring the fatted calf to kill,
let’s eat today and make merry.
My son was dead, but now alive,
start the party, let’s not tarry.
Luke 15:11-32
© 4/4/03 

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Charlie Barnett

While Jesus was teaching one morning,
a young woman was brought to him.
They forced her to set in Jesus’s midst,
her future was uncertain, looking very dim.

She was caught in the very act of adultery.
This charge was death in that day. 
The Pharisees was trying to trick Jesus.
To actually see what he would say. 

“What do you have to say now, Teacher,
  Moses says we stone her, you know the law?”
It seamed that Jesus never heard them, 
he leaned over and he began to draw.

Jesus finely took notice, looking all around,
if it be one among you, that hasn’t sin you no? 
We need to get this stoning started,
would you step up, and be the first to throw.

Jesus slowly once more leaning over, 
with his finger-  writing on the ground.
Soon Jesus stood and broke the silence.
“Where is your accusers are they not around?”

“Has no one judged and found you guilty,”
“No man sir,” she said, and tears began to pour.
Then Jesus said, “neither do I accuse thee.
go in peace my daughter, and sin no more.”
John 8:1-11
© 7/11/03

Charlie Barnett

It came to pass one morning as Paul and Silas was going to pray,
A demon possessed damsel followed them most everyday.
It had became a real problem as she would rip and rave,
She would cry out aloud! “These’s men won’t you save.”
The slave girl made much gain of the work she done,
Her owner was very wealthy and thought it was fun.
Paul turned to the girl “In Jesus name I command! 
I rebuke you Satan, now loose your evil hand.”
From that moment on she lost her satanic power.
The whole town was mad, news spread within the hour.
Soon Paul and Silas were ceased; to the magistrates was brought.
Many stripes they received, a lesson well taught.
They were cast in prison, their feet fast in stocks.  
The jailer was warned, pay close attention to their locks.
It was about midnight, praying and singing was boldly heard.
Then suddenly a great earthquake. No one said a word.
All doors were shaken open, every man bands were loose.
The jailer would have done harm, Paul cried, “It’s no use.
Do thyself no harm, man: we’re all still here I know.
My God has visited this prison his love he wants to show.”
The jailer called for a light and fell at Paul and Silas feet.
“Sir’s, what must I do to be saved?” He said with much defeat.
“Listen to me man,” the salvation plan Paul quickly gave.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.
Acts 16:16-31
© 3/7/2003

Penned   by
Charlie Barnett

God’s promises are forever
Contrary to what  you’ve heard
He’s the same today
God’s true to his own word.
The Bible is His word
Opposed to what men say
I’ll be somewhere reading it
When He comes back some day.
Jesus promised me a mansion 
His word can never lie
The world may differ 
I’ll receive mine when I die.
He promised never to leave me
 And stick closer than a friend
 He’ll watch over me forever
Until the very end.
He promised I would never hunger
God is faithful and so kind
Many don’t believe Him
They stand in a well-fair line.
He said  there is a Heaven
With streets of solid gold
I’m going to see one day
I believe what the preacher told.
Jesus promised me my health 
He brought peace on this earth
Please listen to me friend
For whatever  it may be worth
Jesus promised He’d come back
We’ll hear that trumpet sound
Receive Jesus today my friend
Before you’re lowered in the ground
© 7/5/03

Penned by
Charlie  Barnett
I‘ll go and call heaven,
I’m sure it has a phone.
Mommy would call for me ,
today she is not at home.
Hello, operator I need a number,
yes Mam, it’s far away.
I need to call heaven.
And I would like to call today.
Yes Mam, I’m a little girl,
But I’m nearly four.
I skinned my knee yesterday, 
while playing on the floor.
Daddy said Mommy went to heaven,
I need to find out when she’ll be home.
I need her to kiss my knee,
because I’m here alone.
I’m very sorry operator, 
I didn’t mean to make you cry.
Did I say something wrong,
or something’s in your eye.
Well let me try the church,
here’s the number on the wall.
You’ve been very sweet operator.
I’ll give the church a call.
©) 8/4/03

Charlie Barnett

The cover and it’s  pages  similar  to most any other book .
The ink and the paper the same, if you should take a closer look.
 What do you suppose  make the difference ,  do you have a clue.
Unlike  most all the other books,  it’s  written  for me and you.

The authenticity and miracles have stood the test of time.
There has never been another book,  that come close in line.
The Bible’s  never been just a book  for someone else to read.
It’s not mere suggestions,  but commandments for me to heed. 

It never said we had to understand it, only for us to believe.
If we study to show thy self approved, then we can receive.
God will backs up ever  promises,  he certainly can never lie.
The Bible has good examples for living, a few on how to die.

It’s called our road map to Heaven,  the city so  bright and fair.
Between Genesis and Revelations  their’s plans on going their. 
The Bible speaks of  streets of gold, and gates of pearl will be.
Now  I’ve did everything I know to do, this place I want to see.

I excepted Christ as  savior, and  I’ve  made Jesus Lord  today.
I’ve found  a God fearing church to join,  this is the Christian way.
Now I’m out  telling every one I see, of Jesus coming  soon .
That’s  what the Bible  tills  us, it could be morning  night or noon.

 I’m in  no real big hurry,  I’m ready to when it comes my time.
I love to read my Bible , Gods word says we can tell by a sign.
If you ask me to guess now, my guess would surely be. 
 Do some serious soul searching , the face of Jesus we could see.
© 2/8/03

Charlie Barnett

Faith and hope are like two brothers 
You’ll find they stand side by side
They seem to always pull together 
When discourage and doubt collide
Faith and hope can be your friends 
 Pray they’ll always be around
When trials and tribulations come
This is where they seem to abound 
Always looking up toward Heaven
They never sleep or take a rest
You’ll note the two will bind together
Before you take that final test
You’ll find faith and hope at the hospital
The  two seem to play major parts 
They are the last to leave the room
Before the final surgery starts
Faith and hope will set up late with you 
When you know you should be in bed
They will look over your shoulder 
When your check-book is in the red
They seem to always do there best
Yet faith and hope are only two
 Watch them put there heads together
When that final bank note comes due
With grandpa through the depression
Through the war with dad and uncle Fred
Faith and hope gave mama comfort
When the doctor shook his head
Faith and hope has stood the test
From Gods hand they receive much power
Hang your anchor on faith and hope
As you go through your darkest hour.
© 7/25/03

Charlie Barnett

After Jesus fed the five thousand, it has been a trying  day,
He made plans with the disciples, they all had there say.
“Take the boat to yonder side, I’ll be along in a little  while.”
Then Jesus sent the people home, every man, woman and child.
 The people had departed, it was getting late in the day,
Jesus went up into the hills, and there He knelt down to pray.
It grew very dark that night, the winds began to blow,
 Jesus sensed his disciples were frighten, to them He would go.
The boat was in open water, it tossed and it turned,
the disciples lost direction, not know stem from stern. 
Jesus walked on water, something no man has ever done.
It was a blessing that evening this was God’s only Son.
Soon the disciples saw Him coming, they were so afraid,
but Jesus knew there trauma, His appearance had been made.
Jesus spoke up very quickly, “have courage it is I,”
then Peter spoke up first, this was his reply.
“If it is really you oh Lord, then bid me to come,”
Jesus said “come,” but it would never be rule of thumb.
He left the boat walking, on the water Peter came.
 He soon found the wind and waves wasn’t near so tame.
When Peter took his eyes off the Savior, he began to sink,
he quickly reached out for Jesus, with out one little blink.
Jesus stretched forth his hand, as Peter knew he would, 
Jesus said, “son, you don’t have faith that you really should.”
Matthew 14:22-33
© 3/6/2003

Penned By 
Charlie Barnett

While Jesus was traveling on the Jerico road one day,
there were a great multitude following along the way.
A blind and weary beggar sat by the hot and dusty road,
blind from birth no self worth, this was a heavy load.

Word spread through the crowd that Jesus was coming by,
the son of Timaeus yelled out, “Son of David was his cry.”
Many charged the blind bagger to hold his peace,
this was his chance to meet Jesus his cry wouldn’t cease.

“Please Jesus of Nazareth want you have mercy on me,”
 then Jesus quickly stopped and looked back to see.
“Bring him to me,” was the command Jesus made,
a disciples rushed to the blind man, with hands he laid.

“Be of good comfort the master is calling for you,”
Bartimaeus cast off his garment, he knew it was true.
he made his way to Jesus as he stretch forth out his hand, 
“What would you have me do,” Jesus said, looking on the man.

Bartimaeus said so humble,“That I may receive my sight.” 
“Then go thy way” said Jesus, “Thy faith is made bright.”
And immediately the blind man was healed and could see,
miracle Jesus did for Bartimaeus, he’ll do for you and me.
Mark 10:46-52
© 3/31/2003

Charlie Barnett

It was in the third year at Jerusalem.
Jehoiakim was serving in his reign,
Nebuchadnezzar was the ruler of Babylon, 
this wacked king became insane.

Jerusalem was besieged by Babylon,
Nebuchadnezzar came and took her men.
Israel had strayed away from God,
they was wondering way out in sin.

The few Godly men the king had took,
they were facing trials and woe.
this was a young man called Daniel
with Shaddrach, Meshach and Abednego.

They wouldn’t fall down and worship,
when the kings wicked music played.
These men served the God Jehovah,
they certainly was not afraid.

You’ll bow or burn the king was clear,
let the music start up again.
It’s no use to waist your time O king,
our answer will still be the same.

The king was full of rage and fury, 
as the guards ran his way.
Make the furnace seven times hotter,
dispose of these men today.

The children was cast into the furnace,
this was plain for all to see.
Now you would think Jehovah was defeated,
not so for this fearless three. 

Didn’t we not throw three in the furnace,
his council began to nod.
Then who is that forth man loosed walking,
he looks like the Son of God.
Daniel 3:3-27
© 4/25/03


Charlie Barnett

I’ll get saved tomorrow, there’s plenty of time.
You may be waiting because there’s a long line.
This is what you said yesterday, now it’s today,
But you insist tomorrow you’ll have your way.
Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, what’s to say.
This is why Paul said, “Salvation is for today.”
 There’s no tomorrow, just words turned loose.
You’ll spend another day in sin, that's an excuse.
So yesterdays gone, and tomorrow comes never,
Then get saved today. And live on for ever.
The Bible is clear II Corinthians, six an two,
Then salvation’s for today, for me and you.
© 7/9/03

Charlie Barnett

If it’s cost you worry, please rest at ease
There’s no money involved, so it will please
There’s no tapes to order, no book to buy
All transactions are made in Heaven on high
No credit card wanted, no check you’ll need
No purchase to make, no application to read
Don’t plan ahead, there’s no waiting in line
There no education required, nothing to sign
There’s no fine print to read, no lawyer needed 
Forget the coat and tie, the dress code not heeded 
No plane, no train, you needn’t go far
For Jesus can hear you right where you are
Nothing you’ve said, or anything you’ve done
Will ever stand in your way of God’s own Son
The hurt and the pain, the trouble and strife
Will certainly be forgotten with your new life
So please call on Jesus while there’s still time
He’s stands ready to forgive you; Jesus is kind
Whether you be young or old, husband  or  wife
Is your name written, in the Lambs book of life?
© 1/9/03

T H E   B L E S S E D   H O P E
Charlie  Barnett

Hope is a boy, looking forward to going fishing 
Hope is an old man, looking backward and wishing
Never put great hope, into a small soul
And there will never be hope where doubt is told

Hope is a father, walking up and down the hall
Hope’s a soldier standing straight and tall
Hope’s  not  a remedy that’s  here and gone
 Hope is the foundation faith is built on

When the voice grows weak,  the view very thin
If hope can hold on there is never an end
There is always hope in the ones call winners
But very little hope in the ones called sinners

If  you’re hoping for good,  hope will be glad
Where there is no hope,  there  is always bad 
Hope  within Christ, it’s an endless  beginning
Without hope in Christ, is only a  hopeless  ending

There is more hope for a self-convicted sinner
Than  a self-conceited saint  who thinks he a winner
We are never beneath hope while above hell we stand
Nor above any hope, while beneath Heaven’s  strand

The Bible clearly speaks of hope,  verse 13 Titus 2
Now the blessed hope it speaks of, is for me and you 
Hope is that  anchor  on  the rough sea at night
Hope will bring Jesus  when we take our final  flight
© 4/28/03

Penned By
Charlie Barnett

In some far secluded forest
a tiny bird doth sing.
There is no one around to hear him.
And it’s not even spring.
It’s in the dead of winter, 
the days are bitter cold.
Yet he still praises the Lord,
with a song he will not withhold.
In a far and distant meadow
a tiny flower doth bloom.
No one will ever see it.
Yet it gives it’s rich perfume.
It doesn’t mind if it’s not noticed, 
that’s not why it blooms.
It’s just praising the Lord,
with tints and rich costume.
A very poor widow woman
that no one even knew 
 Gave two mites in church,
as the plate came through.
She praised the Lord,
this is all the widow had.
Jesus took special notice,
this made Him very glad.
You think you’re not important,
no one will notice you.
You keep doing your best, 
I promise you’ll come through.
Like the tiny bird, the little flower, 
the widows who gave her  mite that day.
You keep praising the Lord, 
and with God someday you’ll stay.
© 7/9/03

The Good Samaritan
Penned By
Charlie Barnett

Jesus tells us in this story,
 of a certain man he knew.
He was traveling near Jerusalem,
and came against a motley crew.
The thieves severely beat him,
then stripped him of his cloths.
The man was left half dead,
why only our God knows. 
Now by chance Jesus said, 
A priest came strolled by.
He looked on the dying man,
with out making a single sigh.
He quickly crossed the road,
with out one word to say.
The priest seemed so busy,
and went along his way. 

Next a Levite came over,
with his eyes open wide.
the pattern was soon repeated,
 he crossed to the other side.
It’s plain in the Bible,
 we’re so often told.
 A Samaritan journeyed by,
with a heart of solid gold. 

Now he had much compassion,
for this wounded man.
He dismounted from his beast,
 to give stranger a helping hand.
He commenced binding up his wounds,
as he poured in oil and wine.
He sat the man on his own animal,
the Samaritan was so kind. 

The man was carried to an Inn,
not far from where he was found.
Take care of this man he said,
 I will surely be back around. 
What ever the cost might be,
 you take good care, I’ll pay
I will settle up with you,
I’ll be back in just a day.
Luke 10:30-37
© 4/3/03

Penned By 
Charlie Barnett

A certain woman in town 
had been to every doctor around.
She had spent all she had,
for twelve years  so sad.

Her suffering was great 
surrender  was her state. 
Of Jesus she  heard ,
this was her word.

“If I can touch His clothes,
oh only God knows.”
What’s the gospel  say,
Jesus came walking her way.

The crowd was great. 
Was she too late?
The last ray of hope dim, 
she touched his robe’s hem. 

Jesus quickly turned to see,
saying,“Who touched me?”
From that very day, 
her sickness went away.
Mark 5:25-34.
© 4/7/03

Penned By
Charlie Barnett

Peter and John went up to the temple,
about three o’clock to pray.
A certain man lame from his mothers womb,
whom laid there every day.

The two entered the gate called beautiful,
Peter and John saw the man.
Peter fastened his eyes upon the beggar,
then John took his stand.

Peter said, Silver and gold we have none,
but such as I have I give thee.
In the name of Jesus arise up and walk,
immediately his legs were free.

His feet and ankles received strength,
as he leaped to his feet.
He began running and leaping praising God,
his life was now complete.
Acts 3:1-9
© 4/24/03

By Charlie Barnett  
Now Bubba and Jake loved baseball.
These to red-necks had a dream.
They were going to play baseball,
On some major league baseball team.

Now this was all they thought of,
Playing baseball and having fun.
They both turned out to be pitchers,
My how these two men could  run.

You  can’t stop the clock from ticking,
 Nether can you delay  old-age.
Bubba and Jake was up in years,
Now old and feeble baseball still the rage.

Bubba got sick and was in the hospital,
Seemed any minute he would die.
Jake quickly rushed over to CCU,
This was Bubba’s last reply.

You think they play baseball in Heaven?
I would sure like to know.
Try to get word to me someway Bubba,
Or I just soon go on down below.

A month had past since Bubba died,
His spirit spoke to Jake one day.
Old buddy I have good news and bad,
This is what the Lord said, I should  say.

You aught to see the stadium Jake, 
 This playing field is out of sight.
Man we  play baseball everyday,
And you’ re pitching tomorrow night.

The Grave

By  Charlie Barnett

The grave is a dreaded place.
Not usually a household word.
But at most birthday parties. 
The word  grave, is never heard.

For some it can be good or bad,
This is where your trouble will end.
But for the others it is good.
The reading of the will begin.

Some get the house and land. 
While others get the dog an car.
Maybe a boat or a antique gun,
Most leave dreaming on a star.

The grave is never choosy.
It will accept the young an old.
Boys and beautiful girls
The dirt-poor and meany with gold.

The grave will be your last stop.
Although you’ve traveled far an wide.
This is where you part friendships,
And your future and past will hide.

Whether you be saint or sinner,
The dark grave will accept you.
Your color want matter now. 
You can be Gentile or Jew.

Soon your body will decay,
You will have no control.
But now before the grave.
 Did you give thought to your sole?
© 6/29/2915

Charlie Barnett

 From birth to the earth we’re all the same.
We’ll find that life isn’t some sort of game.
Why is he so rich and I’m always poor?
Why am I always depressed when he’s so sure. 
I never used my time to greet a new day.
I was always too busy to laugh and to play.
I never thought to stop or wait for awhile.
It just wasn’t in me to give a big smile.
I never sat down to watch the news.
Not had the time to dream or muse.
No, I never had time to stop and rest.
Somehow I really never gave my best.
My mother or father I never wrote.
 Remembering back, I never cast a vote.
No time for music, never sung a song.
I never took the time to right any wrong.
It wasn’t in me to send someone a gift. 
Why I never had time to lend or give. 
As I look back now, did I have time to  live?
Certainly You’re not serious, why me cry.
I was never the one to say good-by.
The Bible! Why I never read a verse. 
Excuse me please, is this my Hearse?
 Naked you came, nothing can you carried  out.
Some men will cry; while others will shout.
Your house and your car, and all you own,
Will go to someone else, the minute you’re gone.
Let me close my poem, I pray it’ll  rhyme,
I got myself in church, It’s about time.
© 3/16/03

Charlie Barnett

What do we mean give thanks,
and who do we give it to.
Of course the Lord I know,
I hope you know Him too.
You say you don’t know Him,
  who do you thank for food. 
It didn’t fall from the sky,
lets not be so rude.
Who do you think for shelter,
 It  wasn’t  magic it got in the way
God gave someone wisdom
to build the place you stay.
Then there are the cloths you wear.
you’re  so hansom neat and trim.
Oh yes I know from Wal-Mart.
   but all the credit goes  to Him.
 Forgive, I can’t help but notice,
 the beautiful car it’s a honey.
A rich old aunt I’m sure,
 Who do you thank gave her the money.
© 2/27/03

Penned By 
Charlie Barnett

I’ve always heard that charity belongs at home.
And I’ll be the first to agree that I know it should.
But here’s what I wonder from time to time.
Is the phase I just quoted really understood?
To many homes these days It’s me and mine.
But you listen my friend sitting in your cozy flat.
There’s a broader meaning of the word charity.
We need to get love involved and I’m sure of that.
Make plans to go out  some cloudless night.
Stand you still look and gaze into a starry dome.
This vast, unbinding universe that we look at. 
It is the everlasting Father’s Heavenly home.
We see in all of our Father’s lighted mansions.
Perhaps there is one small darken room.
Over in which the sin of Adam was cast.
The sin of death and that dreaded tomb.
Oh yes, that’s right, Adam was our first father.
And we’re all of Adam and Eve’s family tree.
Then this makes us all brothers and sisters.
Thought scattered very wide we be.
Now we understand that charity begins at home.
And we can see that home can be everywhere 
in all the darken lands, across the seven seas.
We can find all our brothers and sisters there.
We need not be a hermit to say in our heart.
Everything is okay I think I can survive.
When Christ has made our duty plan.
It’s in the Bible Matthew twenty-five.
The maimed, hungry and thirsty stranger.
The poor, deserted and prison-bound.
Composed of all the family circle.
This is where the Saviors love is found.
© 7/17/03


A poem can make you laugh
A poem can make you cry

It was once said a poem is a miniature book,
that you can quickly read, to make your day.
A poem can take you places you’ve never been
A poem can bring back a memory that you once had

With a poem you can:
Be a kid again.
In love again.
Up In the mountains,
walking along the beach.
A sunny day, a starry night.

A poem read is music to the deft ear,
a poem read to the blind is a 
picture of light sent in darkness.
Proverbs 4: 18. 
 But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

Penned By
Charlie Barnett

A rich young ruler came to Jesus, 
“what must I do to get to Heaven I pray?”
“Have you kept the commandments,
and did your very best every day.”
“Oh yes” replied the young ruler,
“I’ve never broken one from my birth.”
Jesus not surprised at his answer,
He knew what he was worth.
“I haven’t committed adultery,
and never stolen as I know.
I honor my parents,
and I never lie where I go.”
Jesus listen to his statement,
and one thing was sure.
“Sell all you have, 
and give it to the poor.”
Jesus looked on the rich man,
this was his reply.
“It’s harder for the rich to go to Heaven,
than a camel to go through a needle’s eye.”
He was sadden that day,
what Jesus had to say. 
The rich man hung his head,
and slowly walked away.
 Luke  8:18-25
© 4/10/03

Penned By
Charlie Barnett

Mary Magdalene has seen the Lord;
She ran to tell the good news.
The disciples were still hiding,
they were frightful of the Jews.

She told them of the encounter.
 With Jesus she had met.
“Don’t touch me he said, 
I’m not ready yet.”

He showed the holes in his hands,
 his side and his feet,
He said, “Peace be unto you,”
as we walked down the street.

Now the disciples told Thomas, 
who had later come by to pray.
“Jesus is alive and well. 
Mary Magdalene saw him today.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,”
he said in a doubtful way.
“Except I see the nail prints,
it’s just words you say.” 

Eight days went by,
all the disciples met.
They were talking of Jesus, 
whom they hadn’t seen yet. 

They sat in a locked room
 doing the best they could.
The disciples then took notice:
in the midst Jesus stood.

Jesus said unto Thomas,
“Reach hither thy finger.
Thrust your hand in my side
 doubt will no longer linger. 

You now believe, Thomas,
because you’ve touched me.
But blessed be the ones, 
who will never get to see.”
John 20:24-29
© 5/2/03


Charlie Barnett

I felt the hand, A blurred man

Soft as silk, I tasted milk
Then my new home, I was never alone

My first candle, Teddy to handle

Training wheels gone, Prom came along

Wedding bells rung, My sister sung

Then nine to five, I stayed alive

Eye glasses and gray, Was the topic today

30 years looking back, I hang my plaque

Blue cross I got , Wife looked for a plot

I felt that hand , A very blurred man
© 6/25/03

“Did  you get the picture?”

Penned by
Charlie Barnett

You can take prayer out of the schools 
you can change all the biblical rules
 But you can’t change God
Take the ten commandments off the wall
They can walk straight and tall
But you can’t change God
You can think anything and do what you will 
Live in a dump or a townhouse on a hill
But you can’t change God
You can even write you own thesis
And cut the Holy Bible all in pieces
But you can’t change God
It’s go to church on Sunday or stay at home 
Be happy as a lark or sit and moan
But you can’t change God
We can believe in Jesus or reject his name
Believe anything you want God still the same
But you can’t change God
You can believe in Heaven and a burning hell 
Or you can deny them both and have a spell
But you can’t change God 
You reject Gods love and never have the power 
We don’t believe in healing and get sicker by the hour
But you can’t change God
 Fancy clothes or no it’s not how you’re dressed
PHD or a Masters God is not impressed
But you can’t change God
Well if God can’t change then what should I do
  Try talking to his Son he’ll get your answer through.
© 8/21/03

Charlie Barnett

I love the day, the hours I’ve spent.
But night is great, it’s heaven sent.
The day is real, so much goes wrong.
But night is different,  it’s dance and song.

The day is spent, with do’s and don’t.
At night I can have,  everything I want. 
The day is chores, the same old thing.
In dreams I can run, a car or a plane.

I often daydream, what night will bring.
What stage I’ll play, the song I’ll sang.
The curtain comes down, when Mother calls.
The play will start over, as darkness falls.

Before I arise, Mother’s made her plains.
In dreams I go places,  And foreign lands. 
It’s work, work, we never go it seems. 
Places I want to go, I’ll taken in a dream.

It’s Sunday morning,  to church we’ll go.
If I know my Mom,  it’s the second roe.
He preaches on hell,  we reap what we sew.
I set dreaming of Heaven,  I know where I’ll go.
 © 1/9/03

Charlie Barnett

You may say “Sir, what’s so amazing?
what’s amazing about amazing grace”.
May I tell you it’s about a God’s Son,
A Son God sent to take our place.
Mind you now, not just any son,
this was Gods only begotten Son.
Now this is what’s so amazing?
God sent him to die for everyone.
If you think that’s so amazing, 
then you need to listen up now.
“This Son was born to a virgin,”
“But I don’t understand how?”
Mary was Jesus’s mother,
earthly man God didn’t bother.
The Son was borne of a spirit,
the great “I AM” was the father.
“Well that is amazing” you say,
“But listen hear is the best part.
The Son died on a cross 
that I may have a new heart.”
“What about me, does he not care?”
“Oh yes, this Is his amazing grace.
Even one in the world can be saved,
if only they only seek his  face.
So if you will believe In your heart,
and call upon the Son’ name, 
you will be in that number,
That Jesus will come back to claim.
© 7/15/0

Damascus  Road
Penned by
Charlie Barnett

In the ninety chapter of Acts,
In the Holy Bible were told.
A young Jew of Tarsus,
Had become bitter an very bold.
Saul was going to Damascus.
With a letter in his hand.
To persecute more Christians,
Saul was an angry little man.
Saul was in route  to Damascus,
On this very lovely day.
He was going against the Almighty,
And God had something to say.
Seams the heavens opened up,
A bright light shined around. 
The light was so bright, 
It knocked Saul to the ground.
Saul was blinded that day,
As he lay there in the sand. 
God changed his name to Paul.
Now he is God’s anointed man.
Three days Paul was blinded,
He had completely lost his sight.
Then God healed and filled him.
This chosen vessel began to write,
Apostle Paul began to build churches
All across the eastern land, 
Many times Paul Had been beaten.
This little Jew had took a Jesus stand.
Acts 9:1-20
© 7/16/03

Charlie Barnett

while Jesus was visiting Samaria,
in Sychar a well he spied.
The well Jacob gave to Joseph,
just before Jacob died.

The well set out in a field,
just out side of town.
Jesus was tired and weary,
the well curb he sat down.

Then a Samaritan woman came,
some water she would draw. 
The disciples were away in town,
the woman Jesus saw.

“Please give me drank,”he said,
the Samaritan woman looked to see.
The Jews were not our friends,
why would this man speak to me.

“I’m so sorry sir I have no bucket,
the water is very deep within.”
“Then let me give you living water,
and you will never thirst again.”

The woman was so excited,
 back to town she carried news.
She had met the Son God sent,
 Christ that come to save the Jews. 
John 4:3-15
© 2/7/03

Charlie Barnett

Samson was born a Nazarite, 
he was certainly Gods own man.
But Samson was prone to flirt, 
with the women in a Pagan land.
“I have a riddle.” said Samson,
 “think you all can guess an tell,
If you solders can get lucky,
 thirty changes of new apparel.
Disclose Before the feast is over,
 you all have seven days.”
This excited the Philistines,
 it was there natural craze.
“Put forth your riddle Israelite,
we’ll challenge God’s big man.”
Samson began to tell his riddle,
 he had took a solid stand.
He said, “Out of the eater,
 comes something good to eat,
and out of the strong,
 comes something so sweet.”
Three days already passed,
 the Philistines had not a clue,
they threaten Samson’s wife,
 it’s all up to you.
You trick your husband someway,
 you must lie an make him tell,
 “You don’t love me Samson,
 you don’t she began yell.
You’ve told my people a riddle,
 the answer I don’t even know.
“I haven’t told anyone,” he said.
“Even to my parents, that I love so.”
on the morning of the seventh day,
his spirit was sure torn down.
Samson told his wife his secret,
then he was treated like a clown.
The Philistines return to Samson,
before the feast was over.
His wife gave the men the answer,
they come to settle up the score.
“What could be sweeter than honey,
what could be stronger than a lion.”
The spirit of God came all over him,
 as he begin to speak his mind.
“If you had not plowed with my heifer,
you’d never solved my riddle.
I’m feel sorry for you men.
My God don’t play second fiddle.”
Judges 14:12-19
© 4/2/03

Penned by
Charlie Barnett

The very day we’re  born, we began to die
Life is just like a vapor it soon passes by
We have this  life to prepare for our final home 
So make hast my friend we don’t have long
For he who hath faith long life he’ll share
But he with out faith its trials and despair
Make  sure my friend the life you  now  live
Would be the life that you’d want to give
So now to live is Christ and to die is gain
Rewards are laid up in our very own name
We will go up in victory or in total defeat 
It will be streets of gold or burning heat
The choice we make while still here below
Determine the decision of the place we’ll go
The state in which we die is the way we stay
It’s life through Jesus there is no other way
© 7/2/03

Penned By 
Charlie Barnett
To suffer pain and none is there
Is doubting the cross Jesus bare
But many complain theirs no doubt
Useless pain we leave Jesus out
To moan, groan gripe and complain
Doesn’t  bring glory to Jesus name
But yet we still suffer doubt and woe
It was nailed to a cross many years ago.
We take all our pills, we’re still the same
Drank a glass of water in Jesus name
I really believe doubting is a sin 
The way we start our day, it will end
We’re always running to the doctor 
Believing Satan pack of lies
Were spend more on medicine
Then we spend on offerings and tithes 
You’re not getting much symphony
Oh here comes  your daily fit
Try lifting up your head 
All around you is in the same old pit
You need some advice, here it comes 
Misery loves company, oh how true
God has never made a bad day 
He leaves this all up to me and you
© 8/5/03

Charlie Barnett

The Bible says the good Lord giveth,
I guess He’s got the right to take away.
But I really don’t  think on things like that,
because I got to much living to do today.
The bank  just gave a big  per motion,
I know I’m headed straight for the top.
I’m working seven days a week now,
there is absolutely no way I can stop.
The wife took the kids and left me. 
Under the circumstances that all right.
My life is pretty well taken up now,
my job and studding I do at night.
I got that sports car I wanted, 
the fun life of, golf and beer.
You may say, I’m on top of the world,
but it sure gets lonely up here.
© 7/28/03

Charlie Barnett

The little white church sits high upon a hill.
No one ever goes there now, guess they never will.
As a boy growing up, this is where our family went.
We remembered the Sabbath day, and time with God we spent.
The little white church I love, this is where I got saved.
I found Jesus  flowering the path my dear mother paved,
Mom went for meany years, then God took her home.
Now I wasn’t all that faithful, and I began to roam.
Oh yes I played the fool for years and tried to get my fill.
But nothing ever satisfied  like the church high upon the hill
Yes I come back sometimes , stand around and shed some tears. 
But I can’t remember the last time I came, It’s been so many years.
  Mother is berried out back in the grave yard, alone with other kin,
I guess this is where I’ll be berried when I reach my end.
I came riding by the little church that sets high upon the hill, 
I’d wrestled with the Holy Ghost all day, I wasn’t in the Gods’s will.
I slowly went out to the cemetery with lots of doubt and gloom,
I made me an old-fashion alter, right there on Mamas tomb.
Mother I know you’ve been praying, I’m tired of being alone,
would you roll out a few extra biscuits Mom, your son is coming home.
© 7/11/03

Charlie Barnett

Life is uncertain, but death is for sure.
And soon we’ll all go, there is no cure.
We can go in peace, or fight till the end.
We’ll go with dignity, or not have a friend. 
Our future is built, on the past we live.
It not what we’ve got, but that we have give.
 We’ll  carry nothing with us, because nothing we brought.
If anything gets to Heaven , it’ll be a friend we sought.
You may not be ready, oh how sad to say.
 Everyone thinks it later, oh no never today.
But when and how God’s takes you,  it’s up to Him. 
And how you are saved, it’s not up to them.
Many roads in this life, you and I  have gone.
Lots of bridges we’ve crossed, many seed we’ve sown.
But there’s one more road, please look for the sign.
Sometime its rocky, and usually hard to find.
Now hear is what’s so fighting, its plain to say.
That everyone you see, seems to have his own way.
There is only one way to Heaven, the Bible is true.
And if you ever make it, it’ll be Jesus and you.
© 2/27/03

 T H E  R I C H M A N  AND L A Z A R U S 
Charlie Barnett

Only a beggar, a tramp on the street,
was Lazarus fate, if you should  meet.
While clothed in purple, and linen fine,
was the rich man’s road, oh so divine.

Life is never certain, but death is for sure,
an angel will come, for the holy and pure.
They came for the beggar, an off he went,
yet, we’re  all beggars, to some extent.

Angels carried Lazarus , to a resting place,
in Abraham bosom, he found  his grace.
Certainly in this story. the rich man dies,
being in torment, he lifts up his eyes. 

 As he looked on Abraham, not far away, 
He lifted his head and began to pray.
“Oh, father, oh father, he began to scream,
Please send Lazarus. Hell is no dream.”

The last shall be first, the first shall be last,
Abraham said “son, remember your past.
A great gulf fixed exist, this is the plan,
who comes and who goes, is in Gods hand.

You had the good things, Lazarus the few,
now you’re the beggar. It’s too late far you.
The rich man cries out, oh, God, you see.
I have five brothers, send Lazarus for me.

Please have him to go, and let him tell,
make them believe  there is a burning hell.
 Moses and the prophets, they reject today. 
They even have Jesus,  he’s here to stay.
 Luke 16:19
© 1/27/03

Charlie Barnett

Consider the lilies, my  how they all grow.
Volunteering  their time, just to put on a show.
They have no worry, neither do they spin.
But in the field they bloom, time an time again.

Consider the beauty, it’s God’s hand you see.
Solomon in all his glory, he could never be.
Arrayed by the Master, for the artist to paint.
But maybe a bouquet, for a sweet dying saint.

Yet in the garden, they stand proud and tall.
So simple are their needs, a rain drop to fall.
The warmth of the sun, some nutritional soil.
This all comes from God, they need not toil.

Consider the lilies, my how they all grow.
 God plan this for us, I thought you should know.
Think not what you’ll eat, neither to wear.
There will never be a problem, we can’t bare.

Our Father knows our need. even before we pray.
God loves to hear his children, it’s planned this way.
Take no thought for tomorrow, think on his love.
You’ll find all you need, come from Heaven above.
Luke 12:27-30
© 7/27/03