Humorus Poems and Funny Stories                      

What is happiness? a good book.Is it joy we need? Take a look.If you're one who likes to laugh,Then check this out on my behalf.If your funny tooth is starved.And your leasure life is carved.Does your attitude seem rotten?And smiling has been forgotten.In humor there is no restriction.You're holding my perscription.Now if you love humor so.Then caugh up some dough!Don't sit there and wait.Ger your head on straight.With all the things said.This book needs to be read.Now hears what's so funny.I really need your money.                

ISBN : 0-9747268-2-6                                              

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My Mother was an Angel                                            The Lord inspired me to write this Christian Novel. in these last days we need something we can sink our teeth into. No! This is not a "Preachy" book, or how to "Get Rich". But the book will show you how God still does the impossible through prayer.   He still parts the sea.He is still in the ferry furnace and He will be with you in your lions den as well  as when you face your Goliah.   The young lady in this novel, Joyce Lee Simpson,prayed for a miracle, in spite of impossibilites, but she read in Psalms 37:4."Delight thyself also in the Lord:and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart."Can you believe she thought every prayed would come true? What do you think?      

ISBN 978-0-9795948-6-1                                              

Pages 219                                                       

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I'm so glad you dropped by my website. Now you can take a look at my western novels. Without calling any names or getting myself into any more trouble than I have already, can I tell you what I think about most other westerns? I think most of them are boring. If it weren't for stampedes, lightning, Indians, and cattle rustlers most western writers would be up “Stink Creek” without a paddle.

Eating dust from New Mexico to Abilene, sleeping on the ground, drinking black coffee, sopping red-eye gravy and munching on pinto beans is not my cup of tea. Oh yes, yes, I know it happened...but two hundred and seventy-four pages of black coffee and beans is a little much, don’t you think?

I know I’m painting with a wide brush. There are some western novel writers who I have to admire. Their style of storytelling is unequaled.  And I live to see the day that my writing is as good as theirs.

Now since you’ve heard my bickering, bellering and belching knowing full well anybody can give negative criticism;

I strive to make my novels a cut above the rest. This is what I do give you a successful western novel. I keep my characters young and active and give them short names, easy for my readers to remember. I use only enough characters in my story to keep you, the reader from being confused. The first book I ever read only had two speaking characters, Dick and Jane – and, of course, their dog named Spot.

A dear lady who was an avid reader and just loved my novels asked me:
"Charlie, how can you write and make me laugh and cry at the same time?" I learned long ago you can move people with what you say and the way you say it. You can call a man a dog and he’ll want to fight, but you can call him a “Big Dog” and he’ll want to hug your neck.

I write exciting novels. I write stories of love, mystery, suspense, humor and grief - and they are all in the same book. And why not? I don’t use jargon or beat around the bush with writer’s block wasting your reading time, while trying to think of something to say.

Each of my novels is very educational, but I wouldn’t recommend their use for school curriculum. I often include Bible scriptures, but I wouldn’t recommend our pastor preaching from my novels. I tell funny stories and jokes, but I doubt Jay Leno a stand-up comedian would buy it for that purpose alone.

Now, if you are looking for a well written, western novel - that will hold your interest from page one all the way to “the end”- you will find them on this web site.

P. S. You will not find any “F, N, or S” words in any of my writing. Have a blessed day!


Picture took by Jessica Jewel at the Rodeo Arena in Robertsdale Alabama.

Going Back To Abilene                                                   

(A sequel to Go West Young Man)                                  

Going back to Abilene is a sequel to the novel, "Go West Young Man."   When iI finished writing go west young man,and big Burt got shot in the back by old man Tucker. Well that did it, and the way old man Tucker did his mail order bride,now his common law wife, especially when his so-called sister Gertrude, and her no good trifling husband showed up from Cincinnati. Said they were the next of kin,and were going to take over the ranch. "over my dead body," said Jenny lue.   Will when I received the telegram from Betty Sue, that's my half sister. When I found out  that her mother was in trouble, Boston wasn't big enough to hold me. When I finished reading the telegram, mother knew all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't keep me from returning to Abilene, with or without her.                        

ISBN : 978-0-9795948-6-1       

Pages : 210                                                                    

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Short Stories Told By My Granny                          

This book has been my best seller. As my Granny would say: "This book is something you can get your teeth into." Oh yes, a legend in her on life. Grandma Jernigan been gone along time,but her stories will live on forever. Their wasn't anything my Granny didn't know about. She told us about coming through all the wars and the great depression. My Granny could take two nails and a piece of bailing wire and fix any wagon or bycycle. My Granny had a cure for everything that was ailing you. And even at her age she could out work most young girls. She never met a stranger, and all who knew her loved My Granny.              

ISBN : 978-0-9795948-3-0                                                

Pages : 281                                                                  

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Youngest Gunslinger
Pa and I lived in Ohio when Ma died , but as a teenage boy I couldn’t give the love that Pa needed. He thought a change of scenery may be the ticket. He saw a ad in a news paper for a ranch in Oklahoma for sale. Pa borrowed the money from his only sister and we headed west.We were both disappointed in the ranch house it was a disaster to say the least. Pa and I started to work and things were looking right well. But Mr. Huey Black the owner adjoining our ranch wanted our land. Some foke say he would kill to get our spread. And he did just that, one evening about dust dark three men rode up in our front yard and called my pa out on the porch and shot him in cold blood. I was going on fifteen when I killed my first man, it turned out he was a noted outlaw with a price on his head.  I was paid a hansom reward, it was an accident but I began to learn to fast draw and learned from the best. I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I had writing it 

ISBN 978-0615538297

Pages: 206

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SIZE  6 X 9

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Georgia Cowboy
Many have said this is the best western I have ever penned, I’ll let you be the judge. After the civil war Bill Allen came home only to find out he had lost it all, including his so called girl friend. Bill straddled his horse Buddy and left the State of Georgia in the dust. After several days of riding he was approached at night by two men that was trying to steal his horse. Bill shot both of them and found out they were bank robbers and was carrying a right smart of money. He stopped by a farm house to borrow a shovel to bury the men. This in when he met Mary Brooks and she joined up with Bill on his journey going out west. As you can imagine the two gets in some kind of trouble before getting to where they were going out west. I know you will enjoy reading this novel.

ISBN  978-0615589367

Pages 176

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Size 51/2 X 81/2

This novel is on Kindle, buy from Amazon $1.99

Many times in my 80 years struggling alone on God's green earth I've been rode hard and put away wet. But thanks to God an a wonderful loving wife Janice that had me four helpfully boys. Montie, Michel, Melvin and Matthew. Whom now all have a God fearing family of their own.

Standing in the shadow
​This novel is somewhat different, but a very good story and western plot. In 1873 a family from Carterville, Illinois moved out to Fort Worth Texas. The father William Blunt, wife Elizabeth an me the star of the novel Billy Blunt, age fifteen years young. My father moved his Hardware an Gun smitthing business with  him. I remember my mother hated guns with a purple passion, and refused to sell guns as a clerk in the hardware store. My father was appointed U.S. Marshall by the Governor, seems this is when our trouble started. After a few years my father was shot in the back and was temporary paralyzed. Course now behind mother’s back for years he taught me  to fast draw and shoot a six gun. You might say I was always standing in the shadow of my father. With my father now bed-ridden I was elected sheriff by the town committee.  Number one, after pinning on the badge was to find my father’s shooter. I hope you enjoy the novel
ISBN 978-0615557939
Pages: 197
Size: 51/2 X 81/2

This novel is on Kindle, buy from Amazon $1.99


       Digital Vampire

       Run Johnny Run

   Suitcase full of money

​The life story of Jack Hardy

      Leaving Oklahoma

       Farmers Daughter

Alabama Family Moving West

  Young Sheriff Of Cow Tpwn

I have been writing for over thirty years, this you may not know. My fancy is westerns, but I have published other novels as well. My books are for sale,and I do ship. My books is for the whole family. No profanity,  vulgar words or language.

I Fell In Love With My Rapist                                   
What can be worse than a young Christian girl being raped? Well for starters Dolly falls in love with the guy and she don't even know who he was.   And to complicated  matters even  more Dolly don't tell the police who he is when she finds out.   A fast moving story of a young lady nearly twenty six and refused to have a bad day, even when her parents drive her from their door.                            
ISBN : 0-9742768-3-4                                              
Pages : 376                                                                  
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Size : 6 X 9
Dead But Not Buried
This is a very unusual book.  Not only is it hilarious...But all dialog takes place on the telephone. that's right Mrs. Tilman is on the telephone the whole story.   Believe it or not her husband died of heart failure and managed to get killed three more times while he was dead. "For crying out loud, he screwed up his own funeral."
ISBN : 978-0-9795948-2-3
Pages : 184      
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Size : 51/2 X 81/2
Amazing Grace                                                               
You've heard and sung the song, Now meet the young lady. Grace Phillips, is truly an amazing young girl. Grace says: You'll never know what you can do until you've tried.   There is a verse in the Bible that Grace Phillips pushes to the limits...1 Corinthians  10:13 "Their hath no temptation taken you but such as common to man:But God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able: but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.Grace made a promise to her dying mother.Grace made a promise to her two little sisters.Grace made a promise to her maimed father.Can Grace Phillips keep her Promises? after all she deserves a life too. Being only seventeen and the most beautiful girl in Southwest Texas. Oh well we'll see.
​ISBN: 978-0-9795948-5-4                          
​Pages : 277                                                
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Size : 51/2 X 81/2

Go West Young Man                                                     

A fast-moving western you'll love. Mystery and violence were waiting on Burt Holden, as he and Sarah Jane stepped off the train in Abilene Kansas.   Eastern dudes in derby hats and blue-blooded Ladies,waiting to bring education and morals to the wild, wild west-went over like a lead balloon in 1867.   Sarah Jane prayed, and Burt, bought a pistol. A mixture that will work Wonders.  

ISBN : 978-0-9795948-3-0                                              

Pages : 211                                                                      

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Size : 51/2 X 81/2

Just Jokes                                                                       
Just Jokes, basically means just what it says! A book full of funny jokes. I'm seventy eight years of age and I've been hearing these jokes since I was a young boy. And every time I tell one I still laugh my head off.    As in all my books, there is no vulgar words, as a matter of fact I give these books to teenagers all the time.      
ISBN: 978-0-9795948-7-8                                          
Pages : 162                                                                    
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Size : 5 1/2 X 8 1/2

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Through The Bible In Poems                                           
For the first time, experience your favorite Bible stories in poetry. These unforgettable stories you learned in Sunday School are now brought to life through the poetic gift of Rev. Charlie Barnett. Enjoy great inspiring accounts of God's love, Mercy favor and even judgement of mankind.   Through years of writing, a great masterpiece of God's Word through poetry comes to life spanning the entire scriptures from Genesis to Revelations. indulge your spirit as you read and enjoy these fine poems.                                          
ISBN : 978-0-9795948-4-7                                                      
Pages : 159                                                                            
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Size : 6 X 9