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The Hawkfishes are strictly tropical,

perciform marine fishes of the family

Cirrhitidae associated with the coral

reefs of the western and eastern Atlantic

and Indo-Pacific. They share many

morphologic. The Longnose Hawkfish

Oxycirrhites typus, features a characteristic

long snout and a unique tuft of cirri

found near the tips of its dorsal fins.

The Longnose Hawkfish's body almost

resembles a classic picnic blanket

with its red and white checkerboard pattern.

I'll bet you didn't know I collect fish from the Gulf of Mexico and local bays, including the Ten Saw River which is near by. Believe this if you will I also mounted all these specimens through the years. As you can see meany of these mounts are near records and some are very rare.

PS: All of these fish mounts are setting on shelves or hanging on my wall in my home. If you are ever out this way give me a call and come by, I will give you the grand-tour. I know the first question you will ask: Charlie! Where did you get all of these beautiful mounted fish? Well now lets don't forget I was a master taxidermist for several decades and fulfilled the needs of many clients. Unknowing to the customer I not only mounted his specimen , but made one for myself as well. Some of the fibber glass mounts I purchased from Mr. Warren in Panama City before he passed on. I also collect rare sea shells, vintage lures and fishing rods an reels. Of course what was impossible for me to find I are a few below that I did over the years.