The fish above is on the wall in my den

These  are in my dining area

        RED HIND                                                                        ROCK HIND                                                                                  CONEY

More in my living room

      WARSAW                                                                                    MARLED                                                                            MISTY


Do you know your Groupers?

                  GAG                                                                               GRASBY                                                                          NASSAU

                 GOLITH                                                                                          BLACK                                                                            RED

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Their are many species of snapper in the Gulf of Mexico which is thirty miles south of me. The first is the Red Snapper world record is 50lb 4oz.

#2 is the Black Fin 8lb 8oz.


          YELLOW FIN                                                                  YELLOW WEDGE                                                                           JEW

These mounts are on one wall in my bedroom

YELLOW MOUTH                                                                           SCAMP                                                                                   BLACK SEA BASS

Here is a few that hangs on the wall in my living room

           SAND PERCH

I'll bet you didn't know I collect fish from the Gulf of Mexico and local bays, including the Ten Saw River which is near by. Believe this if you will I also mounted all these specimens through the years. As you can see meany of these mounts are near records and some are very rare.

PS: All of these fish mounts are hanging in my home.

The Opah is very rare in the USA

The Louvar  also is a rare catch in the USA

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              SNOWY                                                                          SPECKLE HIND                                                                     TIGER

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